Friday, 19 October 2012

DovE SliMmE

This five member Kenyan rock band has taken the music scene by storm over the past few months with hits such as yelele and party at the barn. Composed of Saidimu (rhythm guitar), Migz (lead guitar), Jillian (vocals) ,Ali(bass) and Ronjey (drums) , Dove Slimme cites influences as diverse as Jimmy Hendrix and Muse.This fledgling band having started over jam sessions aims at giving nothing but the best. Here's what they had to say on who they are and their music.

First off, what's with the name? Who came up with it?
Well, the name is a product of an aimless afternoon of pondering the secret to success of a certain musician. The resulting formula was Bird name + adjective + (e). Ten points if you can guess who. Funny thing is no one from the band came up with the name. Its just something the band was dubbed and stuck.

'Yelele' and 'party at the barn' were great hits in the local rock scene. Were you surprised by the response to them? Is there a secret recipe for your success thus far?
Lol, the response to those tracks was just superlative! We knew we were onto something but the reality of it was smug inducing :)smile Secret to success? Errrr, if we had that we'd be charging exorbitantly for that consultation!! We just try to remain true to who we are in our music.

Rumour has it you might be launching an album before the end of the year. How is it going so far and what should we expect?
Yeah, the EP is an ongoing project. it will have 6 tracks, two of which have already been released on radio. Its sounding good, so we hope our fans and other music enthusiasts will come to love it.

"Dove Slimme is looking for the unknown unknown, the reason to the unreason... excuse me while I kiss the sky..." you guys strike me as a mess of quirky characters , how do you make it work: do you have lots of "creative differences"?
"Special" as we are, music is the place where we just come together without much argument. I guess that's pretty much our strongest point.

What is the future for Dove Slimme?

We are hoping that the response to our EP will be monstrously epic and from that we can start organizing tours and pushing our material across borders, performing for new crowds and meeting new fans. We really want to take the local rock scene to new heights and increase the diversity herein.

What is the band's take on the local rock scene is the competition cut throat or do you get help from other bands when you need it?
The local rock scene is a fairly small one in an even tinier corner of the local music scene, but it is growing everyday. The bands are always very supportive towards each other because we have all been through the same struggles and thus understand the importance of unity. We would also like to let any up and coming bands know that they can always come to us for advice and support.

Does the band have a schedule or time table for events and gigs you'll be performing at?
The next confirmed gigs for this year are scheduled for 26th October (Oktoberfest at Impala), 24th November (Guitars n Grills) and 14th December (Rock therapy).

If you guys could have anything right now , what would that be and why?
BACON!!! Coz everybody loves bacon XD But seriously, i think we want what every other rock band wants: for Kenyan rock to no longer be underground. We want to be pioneers in making that happen

 You could always check out Dove Slimme's reverbnation page to get a feel of their music.