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LasT YeArs TraGedY

Arguably one of the first Kenyan heavy metal bands Lat Years Tragedy has stuck to this misunderstood genre with the support of its growing fan base .Last Years tragedy is made up of Chizi-Lead Vocals, Jose-Guitar, Davy- Lead Guitar, Mahia- Bass, Stan- Drums and Ruto -Keyboard. Diallo- Guitar/Vocals (on hiatus). Here's their take on the Kenyan metal scene and their place in it.

LYT staying tamu
Let's start with the name, why Last Years Tragedy?
It's a way to remind us all to learn from our mistakes to become better people but never forget those mistakes because they make up a part of who we are.

What's LYT all about and where you headed with your music?
LYT's about peace, love and unity in a nutshell. We are ordinary folk like everyone else doing what we love. Music. We are headed to put Kenya on the map in metal, rock and good music. But that is one part. The music has grown over the years because the learning never stops and we want to see more bands come up! If we were to go back just 5 years, nobody would have believed that a metal band exists but now there are quite a few like Mortal Soul, Absence of Light, In Oath, Lust of a Dying Breed amongst others and that does feel good to see the scene grow. If all that happened just from us playing, then play on we will.

You just released your first music video generation light, how has the response been so far and what should your fans expect in the coming months?
The response has been amazing and humbling! If there's one thing that LYT has always been about, its our friends and fans! They have supported us even through the rough times and we are forever grateful to them for the over 1000 views in two weeks. Everyone who's seen 'Generation Light' has given us the 'thumbs up' and we couldn't have asked for better. Our fans can expect the album 'Walking Through Walls' and a couple more videos!
You participated in the Art for Peace festival, your song tribute to anarchy touches on the post-election violence Kenya has experienced in the past. How big are social issues to your music and why? 
We are a band of ordinary people and we were and are affected by social issues. We aren't political, but we do push for peace and unity. 'A Tribute to Anarchy' came out the way it did because at the time we were writing the music, Kenya was burning. 'Generation Light' tells our generation to create a new path and stay away from all the hate. Our music would not necessarily be about social issues, but more about real music about real life experiences. Music is an expression of what you feel, and is a reflection of what is happening around you, in the end whatever is happening in society might find its way into our music.
What would you really like to change about the Kenyan Rock scene? 
People really need to start seriously supporting Kenya's scene because it is ours! People should attend shows for real and not just confirm on social media. The local rock stations also need to help grow the scene be it through [playing our songs or simply highlighting what's going on in the scene the same way they hype international bands who to be honest won't be coming to Kenya anytime soon simply because of the first point here; People don't attend shows in large numbers.
What are some of the bumps you've hit along the way and how did you deal? 
In 7 years, there have been many from people walking out when we're going on stage when we were starting out, to failing or lack of equipment. to rouge promoters who are out to make a quick buck and refuse to pay. You name it, we've been through it but because we as a band have the same passion for music, we have survived. The only way to get over those bumps is to never give up.

Live performance where can one Catch Last Year's Tragedy performing?
We usually organize our own shows which we advertise majorly through social media and when we don't have our own shows, we usually play shows with other bands like PLG and Mortal Soul.
And of course finally "staying Tamu" enlighten us, how exactly does one do that? 
By always keeping Time And Misery Undone.

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